The Team

A team consists of two to three kids and a coach. The age of the eldest kid in the team determines which competition category the team can compete in.

One Time Expense

The Robot

The team need to buy a EV3 robot kit from Lego education. The cost of the robot kit is around $411.95 plus shipping.

Buy this kit LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set

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The Brick Set

Every year the competition is different, but the game pieces remain the same. The game pieces are created using a standard WRO Lego brick set. Each team will need only one such set for a competition, The cost of each brick set is around $50.

Buy the set from WRO USA site.


The Table

Although a table is not super important, having it will allow the team to use wall following and squaring against the wall. So it is a good idea to have access to a practice table. If you already have access to a First Lego League table, WRO table is exactly the same dimension and you can use the same table for FLL and WRO.

You can build a table or get it built by someone based on the dimensions in the general rules here.

If you would like to build a table by yourself, follow these instructions.

Another way to acquire the table is from the teams that are disposing the FLL tables after they graduate. In Norther Virginia area, you may want to subscribe to the VADCFLL LISTSERV.



Recurring yearly expense

Regional registration fee

Every year, each team need to register with WRO USA determines the registration fee every year. For 2019, the fee is around $150. The team will be able to register for the competition using the WRO USA website.

If the team qualifies to the national competition and further to worlds, there will be separate registration fee for each of those, in addition to the regional registration fee.


The competition mats

Each year, the competition will be different, based on a specific theme. Also for each age category, the competition mats differ. Each team may want to buy their own completion mats from the WRO USA website.  The cost of each mat is around $80. There will be an additional shipping fee, based on your location.